Largely inspired by the American north-west, seen through the eyes of David Lynch as it may be, Douglas Firs is a mere pseudonym to the Russian-born Belgian designer Lena Loginova. In despise to her given name she timidly hides behind the Douglas Firs, that can at once be the name of a tailor or a lumberjack or a magnificent tree... little it matters, much it evokes -  the humble splendour of the North American west-coast wilderness, the plaids, the black coffee and the cherry pie, the tragically beautiful school girls  and the prevoyant logs from the douglas-fir woods where the owls are not what they seem.

Douglas Firs, whether a living person or a spirit, provides not only inspirational but also functional garments in which the aforementioned evocations permeate. Tailored not only for the Lynchian ladies but for any woman who is looking for the understated glamour, comfort, pure lines and exclusively natural materials to define her style. Tailored to last and to be dressed up or down by those who wish to opt out of the everlong trend-race and appreciate the garments (and themselves) for what they really are - never forgetting to keep an eye on the details and the signs in the owlcave, of course.